Thursday, August 19, 2010

CFL Power Rankings Week 7

Sorry, I've been on vacation for a bit, which involved being out of radio contact for a while. Anyways, here's this week's power rankings.

1. Calgary
Granted totally bitchslapping an Edmonton Eskimo team in absolute turmoil isn't hard, a 6 and 1 record and winning 4 straight is impressive. No doubt Terry and Dean are enjoying this.
2. Montreal
Yeah so they ended up losing rather convincingly to the Argos away. It will take another loss to see them tumble down.
3. Saskatchewan
A real tossup between them and the Argos. I'll say something pithy like the Riders have better Canadian talent to justify it.
4. Toronto
Could be as high as two, but I'm not quite convinced they are the second best team in CFL right now. We'll see how they do against Hamilton.
5. Hamilton
Three and four! That's almost 500. Or total mastery of Winnipeg. That will get you the five ranking.
6. Winnipeg
Two wins! Two wins! Western crossover possibility.
7. BC
Seems hard to have a team that is 1 and 6 and has lost 6 straight not be the last team in the league, but anything's possible. When does it become acceptable to say fire Wally Buono?
8. Edmonton
After last week's beating, this is a bad football team. Almost Hamilton from a couple of years ago bad. And that's bad.

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