Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Last Game

I haven't commented on last game yet, although I have been meaning too. A good result and for once the Cats were able to stop a team driving at the end, albeit that did allow them to get to the three yard line. Kudos to McIntyre for the stop at the end.

Kudos also to Bruce for almost getting 200 yards receiving in back to back games. I wonder if anyone has ever done that? Maybe Stegall or Simon or some long forgotten hero. Bruce now leads the league in receiving yards and receptions. Some nice play by Stala, picking up 59 yards and a TD. Although him getting the top Canadian award must have meant Canadians had a weak week this week.

Jyles did a decent job, going 24 for 35 for 349 yards and two TDs. Glenn was not quite as good going 24 for 41 for 371 yards with 3 TDs and a pick.

DeAngelis did excellently, whereas Serna sucked and apparently has been booted from the Bombers. The swirling winds of Ivor Wynne claim another victim.

Cobb had kind of a meh game with only 47 yards on 11 attempts. The Cats are basically a pass first team now so that's probably to be expected from now on.

If the Cats can win in Winnipeg this week, that sets up a potential match to get to 500 against the Argos. I'm not sure if the Cats can pull off two wins in a row against the Bombers, but Winnipeg is pretty mediocre this year. They could end up with fewer wins than last year with Mike Kelly, which is perverse.

Nice to see the 1972 Grey Cup team being honoured. I now know what Tommy Joe Coffey looks like. Good to see all the old players. One interesting fact about Coffey is that he is a winner of the Dave Dryburgh Memorial Trophy, for the top scorer in the Western division. According to the wikipedia entry, there is no Eastern equivalent. More CFL weirdness for you.

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