Saturday, August 21, 2010


Back to 500 for the Cats. I attended the game at Dead Ted's Dome yesterday and obviously enjoyed the outcome. Not much of a game, with neither team able to finish off drives. Both defences played well, although the Argos offence is reminiscent of the Dr. Dre song Bitches Ain't Shit.

I can say the Cats benefitted from some refereeing in their favour, especially very early on in the contest when the Argos almost began with a bang. The penalty for wrongly calling for a challenge review on second and short was critical, although that was Barker's fault. I didn't know you couldn't challenge the spot on second down either, but I'm not a CFL head coach either.

The Rogers Centre is a mediocre venue especially if one is close to the sidelines. I was sitting very close to the five yard line, which was great for action down at our end, but was mostly mystified by what was going on for the other parts of the field.

I'll do a stat breakdown tomorrow and hopefully post some photos on Flickr including some Argo cheerleader shots. They were right there, plus this site could use the pageviews.

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