Wednesday, August 11, 2010

CFL Previews, Week 7, Part A

BC at Saskatchewan,
The start of the second third of the season. Over the first third BC has proven they suck. Now they're going with Jarious Jackson as the starter, who historically has been better coming off the bench. Riders, easy. They aren't favoured by 8.5 points for nothing.
Sasky 41, BC 29
Hamilton at Winnipeg
A tougher one. Winnipeg is favoured by 4.5 currently, which strikes me as a tad high by a point or two. Admittedly the Peg kept it close last week against Hamilton in Hamilton so who knows what they could do at home. The Bombers have gotten rid of kicker Serna, which should help in the intermediate term, but I'm not so sure what happens for the next game. Bruce'a health seems a bit questionable, although I'm sure he'll play. I'll go against the grain and pick the Ticats by one. A bit of a homer pick, but Winnipeg fundamentally is just not a good team.
Hamilton 28, Winnipeg 26

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