Thursday, August 19, 2010

Yet More Stadium Rumours

You know that old Timex Social Club song Rumours? The one about hating rumours. Well I'm starting to get sick of stadium site rumours. Now some land near the McMaster Innovation Park, right by the 403 is the newest subject of rumours. Personally I like it better than the East Mountain site and less than the West Harbour. The Ticats get their beloved highway access, plus a crapload of parking one would assume and as a feature, not a bug, not many places to grab a beer or food before or after the game.

For the city, well it is still somewhat near downtown. If the West Harbour still gets fixed up then maybe that's OK in the end. I still prefer the West Harbour for the city and the Cats. I am a bit curious about the big boxes the Cats wanted to develop at the EM site. Seems less likely there, so is it financially worth it for the Cats there? Who knows at this point.

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