Monday, August 30, 2010

Longwood and Aberdeen Lives!

The Spec has reported that Bob Young has sent a letter to the Mayor and various other politicians about locating a stadium at Longwood and Aberdeen, near the McMaster Innovation Park (MIP).

I've stated before that I'm not really that enamoured by the site compared to the West Harbour. Bus service is pretty mediocre unless you walk down to Main. There's not many bars in the area, with I'm guessing Ray's Place on Dundurn being the closest. Of course for the Cats that is likely a feature, not a bug. There's parking at the MIP, plus whatever they can get on the site, although it won't be 6,000 spots. GO bus service is OK, considering one could use the Dundurn stops, but I don't see much with regards to the GO train. I think it is a bit rich of the Cats to mention transit, considering their favourite site, Confederation Park, has a route that only runs Saturdays and Sundays in the summer. Never too late to get religion, I suppose.

Building a pedestrian bridge over the 403 linking the Ainsile Wood neighbourhood might be a decent idea down the road, both for the stadium and the MIP, although the length required would probably mean a ridiculous cost.

Perhaps this is an opportunity for both Bob Young and the Mayor to compromise. Again I don't see how much better this is for the Cats over West Harbour, apart from naming rights being higher due to being beside the highway. If anything, traffic will be more of a hassle.

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