Tuesday, June 16, 2009

BMO Stadium, Not Total POS

I attended a Toronto FC game against the weekend for the first time. I mainly went to see what the BMO stadium was like in terms of construction. My impression of it from the Gardiner and the alleged cost, was of a rickety steel POS unfit for a US NCAA Division 3 football team. However actually going to the stadium, it was considerably more solid and better put together than I thought. Bodes well for an eventual new Ticat stadium tied up with the Pan Am games, although BMO is lacking the faded grandeur of Ivor Wynne and I do wonder what the shelf life of it is.

In terms of the atmosphere, the chanting was amusing although I'll admit with a rather boring game you have to amuse yourself somehow. I did laugh at a banner in the so called supporter section saying the Red Patch whatevers didn't want to pay to keep MLSE in the black or something. Uh, you're in the stadium, I think you're contributing to MLSE's bottom line. As someone who splits his time between North America and Europe, I say you're better off attending the real thing in Europe rather than a MLSE manufactured experience. Also very few children at the game, although I thought I saw one sitting in front of me. However my sister told me later it was a little person, not an actual child.

In Ticat news, Dexter Manley II was released by the Ticats. Certainly a fair amount of journalistic ink was spilled for a guy released before the first exhibition game. Sometimes I wish journalists would just come out and say a guy is a freaking longshot.

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