Monday, June 8, 2009

Corey Mace, Ticat Ever?

Drew Edwards has a good article in the Spec about the Corey Mace situation. He's the defensive tackle and second round draft pick acquired from Winnipeg in the Moreno trade who has spent the last two years on the Buffalo Bills practice roster and then sent packing.

Seems like the Cats and his agent are far apart. Demanding a one year and an option deal so he could possibly go back to the NFL next year seems a little ballsy considering there seems to be no demand for him there this year. I can understand chasing the NFL money, but at a certain point reality has to rear its ugly head and one has to realize the dream is dead, Rudy be damned. Missing camp isn't going to help either. Maybe the Cats should just let him rot this year.

Former Cat JoJuan Armour will play middle linebacker this year, after winning a Grey Cup last in Calgary playing weakside linebacker. The Cats might have had a better defence last year if they had kept Armour, although all the cash laid out for Casey Printers probably made it impossible.

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