Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Various Ticat Links and Comments

Rookie camp starts to today down at Mac (or at least they report). First look at this year's draft picks and as I've said, they can't do worse than last year.

I haven't mentioned it yet, but it looks like Argo Mike Vanderjagt has hung up the kicking tee. Sad that Ticat fans won't be able to make anymore Vandershank jokes anymore. Although why Ticat staff would remove a Vandershank sign from Ivor Wynne as they did in a Ticat Argo game last year is beyond me. If a fan is willing to make the effort to make a sign, encourage it. It isn't like Vandershank is an expletitive or anything.

Commisioner Cohon is talking about implementing drug testing for 2010. I'm hoping it is just for performance enhancing drugs and not pot and coke.

Not sure I get this analyst's point on the salary cap (although it seems to be reminiscent of the Alouette's owner Rober Wetenhall's thoughts on the salary cap). I prefer the cap as it is and it seems to be working well.

Also there's an article from the Star's pseudo Argo beat report Chris Zelkovich
on how the CFL is not having to deal with major issues this year.

Finally it was interesting to see that former CFL commisioner Tom Wright wrote Balsillie's NHL application. Weird to see that the CFL has a 3% following in Phoenix. Snowbirds? Desparate football fans? Sad that the CFL can't get its act together with regards to decent coverage on American television (ESPN 360 wtf?).

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