Saturday, June 27, 2009

David Naylor's Football Blog

David Naylor has a new football blog (both CFL and NFL) over at the Globe and Mail. He has an interesting post about how the backers of the Lansdowne Live proposal to bring back the CFL to Ottawa (again) are also backing the return of CIS football to Carleton. This is a good plan, both for optics and for increasing the amount of Canadian talent available in the CFL. Frankly, the CFL could do more to support CIS football, including trying to start more university programs (funding more minor football wouldn't hurt either). In Ontario, Brock doesn't have a football team currently but has a decent number of Hamilton students. Maybe the Cats and the CFL could get involved in trying to start a team there, although admittedly it wouldn't be easy.

Naylor has another post asking if there is another team in pro sports where the fans consistently wear jerseys of past players rather than current stars. Certainly I think Ticat fans wear such past player jerseys, but I think part of the reason is the crapitude of the team over the recent era and the massive turnover even among good players. Case in point, a Zeke Moreno jersey. Good player, good nickname, good candidate for getting a jersey, suddenly gone. Picking a current player on the Cats is a real crap shoot and frankly a Setta jersey as mentioned in the post does have more certainty that he will stay around for a few years than other players. How many Timmy Chang or Casey Printers jerseys were bought and then cast aside?

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