Sunday, June 28, 2009

Final Cutdown

I haven't said anything about the final cuts down to the regular season roster, so I suppose I should say something. Guillory who played defensive end for Edmonton last year and got six sacks in nine games was probably the big surprise. The Cats appear to be going with defensive ends with some NFL rather than CFL experience, which strikes me as odd. I'll write about the new guys tomorrow or later today, but personally I feel that end is a position that rewards consistency in the CFL. There's a high probability of making offsides penalties at the position, especially for an import with no experience with the yard off the ball rule in the CFL. I'll go out on a limb and predict that there will be an offsides penalty by an end in tomorrow's game. At least Guillory has CFL experience. Going with double inexperience at end strikes me as continuing the pattern of our team for five years. Try endless new guys, watch them fail, get new guys, rinse, repeat. I really hope I'm wrong.

There could be a salary camp angle to this, as Guillory was probably signed for a lot more than his replacements for this year. Sometimes I wonder if teams will give out contracts in the offseason that puts them over the cap, figuring that they will release at least a couple of them in camp. Probably not a bad strategy. I'm curious to see if Guillory will end up getting picked up somewhere before the season is out.

Bekasiak getting cut I suppose wasn't much of a surprise. First the Cats had him on the offensive line, then the defensive line and then back on the offensive line in this year's camp. Seems like a bit of a waste of a fourth overall pick, but that's how the draft goes sometimes.

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