Sunday, June 7, 2009

Saskatchewan Roughriders Profitable Again

There's an article here going over the Roughriders financials from last year. They made a profit exceeding $1.6 million this year, which was similar to the previous year. Interesting that their gross revenues were up 23.9% to $28.2 million. That's a lot for a CFL club (especially considering the salary cap is only in the $4 million range). Ticket revenues were $8.3 million, which is impressive, but probably more impressive is the $6.5 million in merchandise sales. That's close to $6.50 for every Saskatchewan citizen, so I guess not having been there for a while, that Saskatchewan is a sea of green.

Expenses were also up. "Overall expenses were $26.4 million. The 26.7-per-cent increase in expenses was attributed to infrastructure improvements and initial planning for the team's 100th-anniversary celebration in 2010." How much are they spending on their anniversary celebration? Seems like they may be trying to understate their profits somewhat.

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