Thursday, June 11, 2009

CFL on US Television

Over the past few years, it is fairly well know that the feckless CFL has bungled their television rights in the US. Right now, they're on America One, which apparently isn't much of a channel, plus ESPN360, which seems to be some bizarre cable internet hybrid channel that seems unlikely that Americans are going to be flipping by and stopping to watch.

This forum posting by some American football fans I found interesting. Clearly there are some hardcore football fans that would watch the CFL at this time of year, especially with there being no Arena League this year. Note the one forumer saying he had never heard of America One. Or those hoping to see Richie Williams of all people. Certainly if the CFL could get their Friday night football package carried on a semi-widely available station like Versus (currently carrying that niche product in the US, the NHL), they could get some viewers who are hardcore football fans and prefer to watch it over baseball in the summer. Plus if they could do any sort of localized marketing to fans of specific college teams whose recent stars star in the CFL at present they could probably bump up the viewship additionally.

The CFL has a decent product that is undervalued and undermarketed and the US television opportunities are just another example. Too bad a CFL journalist doesn't write an article on this including an interview with the commissioner.

Here's a page indicating there's a conspiracy theory against showing the CFL in the US. I think it is more CFL incompetance personally. Ironically (at least for me) one of the commenters wants CFL preseason games broadcast. Looks like I'm not the only one.

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