Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Final Preseason Power Rankings

I did one earlier set of preseason power rankings and always meant to do more. So one day before the kickoff of the 2009 CFL season here are my rankings:

1. Calgary
2. BC
3. Montreal
4. Edmonton
5. Toronto
6. Saskatchewan
7. Hamilton
8. Winnipeg

Calgary looks good again this year and BC should still be decent. Montreal will probably get back to the Grey Cup if only because their competition in the East will be feeble this year, although I expect Cavillo's age will hurt them a bit down the stretch (yes I do say that every year). Some people are impressed with Edmonton this year, I'm not particularly, regardless of what Jesse Lumsden does this year. Toronto is probably ranked higher than one would think, but somehow they often end up near 0.500 and the bottom four teams have to be ranked in some order. Saskatchewan will get shellacked by in their own conference games. Hamilton, while being better than last year, won't unfortunately be that much better. Winnipeg will be a disaster, but they probably will improve towards the end of the year.

Just an update, I never did find who got what penalties in the last preseason game against Toronto. After the Toronto game tomorrow, I will look at who got what penalties, based on import status and whether they are a raw CFL rookie (five years of NFL experience doesn't count for this analysis). And I will do it for both teams.

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M@ said...

Prediction: a significant number of offside penalties will have been registered by WRs mistiming their runs, rather than OL personnel.

Maybe not a majority, but there were multiple from the second exhibition game.