Monday, August 10, 2009

CFL Power Rankings

1. Montreal
2. Hamilton
3. Calgary
4. Edmonton
5. Saskatchewan
6. BC
7. Winnipeg
8. Toronto

Things are still relatively tight after the games in week 6. Montreal is still on top after blanking the rather hapless Argos. Hamilton moves into the second spot as the only other team with a winning record by handling Edmonton at home. Previously it could be argued that Hamilton only beat BC and Winnipeg, but after the win against the Eskimos the Cats appear to be for real.

Picking Calgary second was somewhat tough, as they almost ended up losing to Winnipeg after gaining an initial big lead. Edmonton could easily be third, after a strong effort against Hamilton on the road. Saskatchewan has lost a little momentum losing to BC on the road, plus their quarterbacking is becoming more and more suspect.

Of the three teams with 2 and 4 records, BC at least managed to win this week, dragging itself out of the basement. BC still doesn't seem to be a great team, but with the leaders in the west only one game ahead, BC is in reasonable position to make something out of their season. To me Buck Pierce is still a little overrated, however compared to some of the other honking QBs in the league, he is relatively decent. Winnipeg at least made a game of it with Calgary this week, and potentially Michael Bishop could occasionally do enough to help their defence to a win, but that's unlikely. Toronto offense simply sucks, with QB Kerry Joseph's limitations becoming plainer and plainer and the loss of Arland Bruce looking stupider and stupider. Maybe Bart Andrus is realizing the CFL isn't just a version of NFL Europe (and the Argo owners are probably realizing that he isn't Marc Trestman either). Defence isn't bad.

Still trying to figure out when the Cats last won three games in a row and so far Google hasn't been my friend. I have to check the results for 2004 just to make sure it didnt happen then, otherwise it is probably a few years before.

The other thing I'm trying to figure out is what is the longest amount of yards a team has even required to make a first down. Theoretically, if you were on the opponent's eleven yard line and somehow ended up back at your one, you would need 98 yards to make a first down. I seem to remember a Ticat game involving Billy "the Skid" Dicken as our quarterback against the Blue team that had a series where the Argos were penalized a ridiculous amount of times leading to a fairly large amount of yards being needed for a first down, but I'm sure there has been a down requiring a lot more yards to make the first.

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