Saturday, August 29, 2009

Ticat Depth Chart

A few changes this week in the Ticat depth chart. First off, the big news is that Kevin Glenn might start at quarterback. Offensive line however, is pretty much the same as has been for quite some time. A change also at receiver. Rodriguez in at wideout, together with non-import Chris Bauman, however at one of the slots Boise State product Drisan James is in for Chris Davis. Local boy Dave Stala is in at the other slot. Cobb is the running back and John Williams is the fullback in the rare situations where the Cats actually play with a fullback. Arland Bruce is listed behind Bauman, but I assume as in previous weeks, he comes in for the five (and six) receiver sets the Cats favour this year.

On the defensive line, injuries have caused some changes. Darrell Adams and Garrett McIntyre are out. Khari Long and Hickman are the two ends. Montez Murphy is one of the tackles along with Bolden. Hopefully this won't be a week spot for the Cats, as Adams and McIntyre are likely the best players on the defensive line when healthy. At linebacker, Johnson, Floyd and Knowlton yet again. No Barrenechea backing up at linebacker, as he is out with blood clots, but instead Mac product Ray Mariuz.

A change in the secondary as well. Bradley is in at cornerback over Gordon. Thompson, Beveridge, Tisdale and Smith make up the rest of the secondary.

For Edmonton, their offensive line is made up of import McGrath at left tackle, non-imports Koch, Fiaconni, Kabongo "the human holding machine" are at guard, centre and guard respectively. Import Armstrong is at right tackle. Imports Mann and Challenger are the wideouts. Imports Stamps and Hill are the first two slots, with non-import and former mediocre Ticat Kamau Peterson is the third slot. Non-import McCarty is listed as the starting running back, although I thought I read that he was injured. Former Laval quarterback Bertrand is the starting fullback.

Peach and Ellis are the two import ends. Romero and Jackson are the two import tackles. Where have all the Canadian defensive line players gone? Restilli, Lloyd and Hill are the import linebackers, although I thought I read that Lloyd is out with an injury. Corners are imports Goss and Buhl.

Keys and Malveaux are the import defensive backs, with Richardson the lone starting Canadian on the Edmonton defense at safety.

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