Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Weekend Sports Ratings

Chris Zelkovich's blog has the weekend sports TV ratings for last weekend, and once again, the CFL games are on top. Apparently 480,000 people (likely ornery Manitobans in disbelief a Mike Kelly team could win) watched the Bombers manhandle the hapless Lions and prevent Wally Buono from tying Don Matthews for the lead in all time CFL wins. A total of 408,000 watched the Riders lose in Montreal (although I'm sure some watched on RDS too). Other noteworthy ratings, the Angels at Jays on TSN on Saturday, 12th overall with 141,000 viewers as the Jays season slowly slides into oblivion just like every year, and Toronto FC at Chivas, 17th with 40,000 viewers on Sportsnet and likely lower than whatever informercial was on CHCH at the same time.

Incidentally, Matthews overall record was 231 wins, 133 losses and a single tie. Buono is listed as having 227 wins, 112 losses and three ties. Both of these total are taken from Wikipedia, and are I assume for regular season wins. I think that in the wikipedia total, Buono's three wins this year are not counted. However, Buono does have a notably better winning percentage (not helped of course by Matthews sucking for the last eight games of the season with the Argos).

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