Monday, August 17, 2009

Disappointing Loss

I was only able to watch last night's game up until 8 pm last night due to being stuck overseas (and also sadly for the Labour Day game). Certainly things were looking pretty poor for the Cats offense and I wasn't surprised to see Porter get the hook after doing pretty much as little as possible barring repeated picks. From the little I saw, Glenn didn't do much either in relief, but I was glad to see the Cats were able to battle back to tie in the second half. Certainly compared to the Riders, the Cat offense was looking pretty vanilla and certainly not fooling anyone. Maybe the Cats have to work on some creativity in their offense. Giving up 23 points in the first half and not even getting a field goal is to much come back from.

I was also a little sad to see the return of Adams and Floyd to the defense from injuries didn't amount to much. I can't really blame the defense though. If the offense is repeatly going two and out and can't move the ball, eventually the defence will get burned.

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