Sunday, August 16, 2009

Depth Chart, Regina Edition

Offensive line, same as the last few weeks, four non-imports, blah blah.

Rodriguez and Bauman are listed as the starting wideouts, with Davis and Stala as the slots. So four starters there. Curiously Arland Bruce is listed below Bauman, so I guess he is in for five and six receiver sets. The Cats don't seem to run a lot of four receiver sets, so I guess that works. Cobb at running back and Canadian John Williams is listed at fullback.

McIntyre and Hickman are the defensive ends. Looks like McIntyre has supplanted Khari Long permanently at end. Darrell Adams is back starting, with Bolden beside him.

Knowlton, Floyd and Johnson are the linebackers, with Floyd coming back from a concussion taking over from Haley at MLB.

Gordon, Thompson, non-import safety Beveridge, Tisdale and Smith are the secondary. Wow, the Cats lineup is remarkably stable. Funny how winning does that.

Apparently depth charts are too much for either the IT staff at or the coaches to provide, so no analysis there. However the Riders helpfully show who's on the nine game injury list. The list has a colossal ten people on it. Some probably are legitimately injured and some are probably parked there like former Texas Tech QB Graham Harrell to avoid other teams snatching them up from the practice roster. The Riders are bringing in a lot of revenue, so that is one way to finesse the salary cap. No idea how many the Cats have on the nine game list, although I do know that Zac Carlson is on the list and I am guessing he is not injured, just not ready for prime time.

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