Friday, August 21, 2009

CFL Previews, Week 8, Part 1

Saskatchewan at Montreal,
The Riders were great in the first half at home against the Ticats last week, and well, mediocre in the second half. The Riders have traditionally been a better home team than a road team, even by CFL standards (although not BC Lion territory), which I proved is a homer league in a previous post. Montreal is great at home and good on the road, especially this year. Given the Alouettes ability this year to play a full four quarters unlike other teams, the Riders are in trouble. Durrant will see more of a pass rush from Montreal than last week, plus a more consistant offense.
Montreal 35, Saskatchewan 21

Winnipeg at BC
Battle of two crappy teams, although BC is trying to drag itself out of the cellar and has a chance to be 500 if they win. Buck "Glassman" Pierce has yet another concussion, so Jarious Jackson will start for BC at quarterback. Jackson historically has been better coming off the bench and has sucked when given the chance to start, which normally doesn't bode well, but they are playing Winnipeg. Winnipeg has Bishop now, which is better than LeFors (he of the $90,000 pay cut) and the CFL's leading rusher in Fred Reid, although they still have a feeble offense. The Bombers have ballhawk linebacker Siddeeq Shabazz which strengthens a good defence. I'm going against the grain and picking Winnipeg. Just a gut feeling with Jackson starting and no Pierce to come off the bench if he honks it up.
Winnipeg 29, BC24

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