Monday, August 24, 2009

CFL Power Rankings

1. Montreal
2. Edmonton
3. Hamilton
4. Saskatchewan
5. Calgary
6. Winnipeg
7. Toronto
8. BC

Obviously with only two games this week, not much can happen, especially with Montreal winning and staying on top. Edmonton doesn't play so stays up there. Hamilton also doesn`t play, but moves up one over Saskatchewan due to the Riders losing in Montreal and showing that they are mostly a home team. Calgary doesn't go anywhere.

No for the last three spots, Winnipeg moves into sixth after their 37 to 10 thrashing of BC. I don't usually toot my horn when it comes to my weekly picks, but I did predict that Winnipeg would beat BC, not just by that margin. Evidently from running back Fred Reid's rumbling all throughout the area where the linebackers should be, and Hamilton's two victories over BC, BC's run defence honks worse the Liberals under Stefan Dion. Frankly going forward, I wonder how well BC can do when everyone now knows this. Winnipeg, under the excrable Mike Kelly at least has now a template to possibly win games: run Fred Reid as much as possible, try to keep Michael Bishop from having to do too much and hope a strong defence keeps you in the game.

Toronto seems to be at least improving a little bit with Cody Pickett in at QB. Proving that Pickett is no worse than Kerry Joseph is something somewhat valuable to have learned. With cornerback Byron Parker returning and the receiving corps perhaps shaping up from the clusterfuck it had been after the release of Arland Bruce, the double blue at least are a bit better than the Lions who seem truly pathetic. Jarious Jackson as starter? Not exactly sure who the number three QB for BC was at the start of the year, but we may be seeing more of him.

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