Monday, August 24, 2009

Home and Away Records So Far

In a previous post, I looked at home and away records in the CFL over the past few years. At this point in the season, CFL teams have won 16 games at home versus 14 on the road, or 53.3%. This is much lower than over the past few years, where teams have won significantly more games at home than on the road.

Amusingly, Toronto has lost three games at home, while winning none, and won two games and lost games on the road. Probably not great for Argo attendance, as they haven't won in Dead Ted's Dome since Friday, August 1st, against Winnipeg 19-11. The Argos haven't won at home since Ted Rogers' death, so maybe there's some sort of curse. Maybe it can only be lifted by something to do with gouging people for wireless and cable service excessively.

Hamilton by contrast, is 3 and 1 at home and 1 and 2 on the road, which is good for the fans at least.

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