Thursday, August 13, 2009

CFL Previews, Week 7, Part 1

Calgary at Edmonton,
This is a tough one, with Edmonton looking decent on the road against the Ticats and Calgary looking a little schizophrenic against the Bombers in Winnipeg last week, although winning in the end. Edmonton's passing attack has been working the past few weeks, but the main problem is the team's penchant for turnovers deep in the other team's half. On the basis of not a lot of knowledge of Calgary, I'm going to go with Edmonton at home. Calgary is still a good team, but they seem to have lost something from last year, plus they've lost their best receiver in Rambo for quite some time. I didn't think much of Edmonton early, but they've proved to be at least a mid-level team.
Edmonton 39, Calgary 34

BC at Toronto,
This game has continuing disaster written all over it for the Argos. The Argos are apparently starting former rodeo clown Cody Pickett at QB after the blue team was shut out in Montreal. An inexperienced QB starting is tough anytime, however when the rest of the team is as bad as the Argos, that's when things go really, Billy "the Skid" Dickens poorly. Pickett at least has the advantage that he started two games last year under the woeful Don Matthews regime. I suggest, as I usually do for the Argos to at least give the ball as much as possible to Jamal Robertson. Plus Pickett should, when the chance arises, run whenver there's open ground. That could keep the game near to somewhat respectable (as the Argos defence is still OK) and maybe might give an opportunity for a rouge or a field goal to prevent another shutout. BC seems to be improving somewhat, but they are still a mediocre team, albeit one that has been given the gift of the Argonauts this week.
BC 29, Toronto 1

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