Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Last Time the Cats Won Three in a Row at Home

So tracking down when the Cats last won three in a row at home was harder than I thought. On the CFL site, they only go back to 2005 showing all the game scores. I did manage to find several gambling sites that had records older, although I'm not completely sure they are right.

Surprisingly, the last time the Cats won three in a row at home was in 2002, when they went 7 and 11 (with apparently an overtime loss). The Cats won not just three games at home in a row, but an incredible six. Of course that means their record on the road that year was not so hot, but compared to the last few years, six wins at home is good times.

June 29, 25-15 BC
July 8, 34-31 Calgary
August 1, 34-31 Sasky
August 22, 30-9 Ottawa
September 2, 22-14 Toronto
September 15, 35-28 Montreal

I haven't bothered to look whether Hamilton won the last game at home in the 2001 season, as that would technically extend the streak. I'm guessing they probably didn't, but maybe the last few seasons have made me a pessimist. Since the game by game information for the Cats for seasons past is spread out throughout cyberspace, I'm thinking of making a post for each season to keep track of it, for things like home wins and such. Some people like myself want to know some weird stats. It would be better if I could find it on the CFL sight, but so far I can't.

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