Tuesday, August 27, 2013

2012 CFL Home and Away Points Stats

I've loaded in the 2012 home and away points for the CFL regular season and did some analysis on them. This could be useful for over under gambling, but is interesting to me beyond that.

The mean away points scored was 23.6 points a game versus 28.2 points for home teams, or a total points for both teams of 51.8 points per game.

The mean margin of victory in points was 11.9 versus a median margin of victory of 9 points, which was actually larger than I would have thought it would be. The largest margin of victory was 52 points. I should really look up what game that was. There were five games where a single point made the difference.

I did make a histogram of the margin of victory. Note that three points is the most popular.

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