Thursday, August 22, 2013

2013 CFL Predictions Week 9

BC at Montreal
Anthony Calvillo is out with a concussion so Josh Neiswander (who didn't do well in relief of Calvillo last week) is in for Montreal. The game is in Montreal, however I can't see Travis Lulay losing to Neiswander. The Alouettes still have some good offensive tools, however Neiswander will find it difficult to use them. I assume that the Als will run a lot and maybe Neiswander as well, but it won't be enough.
Lions 35 Montreal 18

Calgary at Toronto
This should be a good game, especially since it is in Toronto. I assume that Ray is playing as I haven't heard anything else. The Stamps may be missing star non-import running back Jon Cornish and chunky receiver Nik Lewis is out with a broken leg, so there goes a lot of the Stamp offence. I'm not sure who's starting at quarterback but I'm assuming Tate is still doing his Buck Pierce impression and Kevin Glenn will start again.

Given all the injuries to the Stamps I have to give the nod to Toronto.
Argos 28 Stampeders 26

Fun fact: the Calgary fight song is Ye Men of Calgary!

Winnipeg at Hamilton
Former number three guy Max Hall gets his second start in a row against the Cats, although the Bombers didn't do a lot in their new stadium last week in terms of offence. They have a new offensive co-ordinator in former Ticat coach Marcel Bellefeuille. I'm not sure if that helps in the first week.

The Cats are healthy on offence and look to be rolling. Even defensively last week there was some interceptions (albeit against the Bombers) for once. The game is in Guelph which should give some advantage to the Cats.

The Bombers are in turmoil, so picking the Cats is easy.
Cats 33 Bombers 21

Saskatchewan at Edmonton
On the surface this seems like an easy game to pick. Also below the surface it is an easy game to pick. Riders easily.
Riders 38 Eskimos 21

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