Friday, August 30, 2013

2013 CFL Predictions Week 10

Hamilton at BC
Eastern teams haven't traditionally done well playing in BC at night (and BC almost always has night games). Injury wise the Cats are going to be missing Sam Giguere due to an arm injury and replace him with vet non-import Dave Stala. The Cats have enough slotbacks and receivers that that isn't a big deal. However, despite Hamilton winning three in a row, I'm going to go with BC due to their home field advantage.
BC 29 Hamilton 24

Winnipeg at Saskatchewan
One team has one win, one team has one loss. The Riders are at home to boot, and I have no idea who is going to start at quarterback for Winnipeg, nor do I have a lot of confidence in new offensive co-ordinator Marcel Bellefeuille to turn it around. I predict that Corey Sheets is going to run wild over the Bombers in pursuit of 2000 yards rushing this year. It won't be close.
Riders 40 Bombers 19

Edmonton at Calgary
The Eskimos have improved the last couple of weeks, and I do see a possibility of them splitting the home and home series. However this game is at home for Calgary and I don't see them losing it. Kevin Glenn has looked good in replacement of the oft injured Drew Tate (who seems to be morphing into the new Buck Pierce), although not having receiver Nik Lewis hurts. Edmonton will win eventually, just not this week.
Stampeders 29 Eskimos 22

Montreal at Toronto
Ricky Ray is out with injury and so is Anthony Calvillo. So it is the battle of the backup quarterbacks. Zach Collaros has more (although not much) experience than Montreal's Tanner Marsh, who played well last week in the Alouette's victory. I'll take the slightly more experienced Collaros and home field advantage.
Toronto 22 Montreal 19

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