Thursday, August 15, 2013

Average Points Scored Per Team CFL 2013

I was curious, what does the average CFL team score per game? I looked at the stats for 2012. I took the total points scored for all 8 teams, then divided by 8 then 18 (for 18 games). It came out to 25.9 points per game. So consider that when you are making your point predictions. Although through the first six games of 2013 the average is only 23.9.

Ideally I wouldn't mind looking at how that differs for home versus visiting teams as well as how that varies during the year, i.e. the week one average versus the week 19 average score. Also the histogram of the margin of victory would be interesting as well. Of course then I would have to enter it in manually or scrape it from the web, which is easier said than done. One of these days I'll get around to doing it.

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