Thursday, August 1, 2013

Ticats and Quarterback Sneaks

Bad teams fail on third and one, good teams convert third and ones in the CFL. I'm sure someone could do an analysis of this and correlate wins with the conversion percentage.

This year and I'm not the only one that has noticed this is that the Cats have been failing on third and one. They are using Burris, but I think they should go back to the old method of having their backup quarterback (at the time Quinton Porter) specialize in third and ones. By having the backup quarterback practicing this repeatedly, they could add in some more possibilities than just the straight ahead sneak, including occasionally going to the outside. Uncertainty always helps.

Further to this, Burris isn't young at all. Getting the backup involved improves his development. Last year the Cats were last, yet Burris took almost all the snaps. That might help Burris' raw numbers, but it doesn't help the team overall. If you're going to be last anyways, you might as well get some development in for your backup, especially when Burris is 38.

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