Wednesday, August 7, 2013

2013 CFL Power Rankings Week 6

1. Saskatchewn Roughriders
Well they are undefeated and didn't play. What did you expect, that their ranking would go down?

2. Toronto Argonauts
Didn't play either, but BC did and barely beat Winnipeg. Not a lot of new info, although I assume some injuries will heal.

3. Calgary Stampeders
Also didn't play. Also have three serviceable quarterbacks. That's pretty good for 2013. Probably good for Ottawa too.

4. BC Lions
Managed to beat Winnipeg at home. This isn't a great Lions team, although they may turn it on a bit after Labour Day like most years.

5. Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Sure they only won by a point, but it was on the road and they had the game in control most of the time. A bye week probably helps them a lot for injuries.

6.  Edmonton Eskimos
Sure they lost by a point at home, but they have a bit of talent. I don't know if Kavis Reed lasts the season however.

7. Montreal Alouettes
Fired their coach and Jim Popp is again at the reins. Injuries are hurting. This could be the last season for Anthony Calvillo.

8. Winnipeg Blue Bombers
Played well then ended up losing to BC away. The Bombers aren't good, but moving on from Buck (for now) allows them to try and rebuild and get better for the end of the season and next year. Certainly they could still make the playoffs, but things would need to turn around.

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