Friday, August 23, 2013

Ticats Depth Chart August 24th, 2013, Winnipeg

Not a lot changed from last week for tomorrow's game.

Simmons and Figueroa are the import tackles, with non-imports Dyakowski, O'Neill and Wojt in the middle of the offensive line.

Import Jones and Giguere are with wideouts, with imports Grant and Ellingson as the first two slots, with Fantuz as the fifth slot. Non-import Delahunt is the fullback when the Cats play one, with Burris starting at quarterback and Gable as the running back.

Imports Boudreaux and Norwood are the defensive ends, with non-import Bulcke and Davis in the middle.

The linebackers are all imports and are Lawrence, Johnson and Murray.

Breaux and Brown are the import corners, with McCollough and Webb as the import defensive backs and non-import Stephen as the safety.

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