Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Rumours of Andy Fantuz Being Back. What Does That Do to the Lineup?

Andy Fantuz could be in action for the Cats this week. How does that change the lineup?

Grant and Ellingson, both imports were the starting slots. Onrea Jones (import) and Giguere were the starting wide receivers. Dave Stala was listed as the third slotback for five and six receiver sets.

With Fantuz coming back, he could come in for Ellingson and then the non-import starting spot could be used so the defence could start another import. Or Fantuz could go into Ellingson's spot and Ellingson move over into Stala's spot and the import ratio on offense would stay the same.

Hard to say what will happen as other changes could happen in the receiving corps. Still it is a good problem to have, because if there is an injury to a Canadian starter, the Cats have more flexibility with Fantzu, Stala and Giguere on offense.

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