Saturday, August 17, 2013

Stats from Ticat Bomber Game, August 16, 2013

Pretty much good stats all round in the Cats round victory in Winnipeg. Burris was 22 for 36 for 333 yards with a TD and no picks. At this rate, if Hamilton actually ended up with a good record, Burris would be a MOP candidate just on raw passing yardage and TD numbers. Whether that's right or not, I'm not sure.  Burris' large passing numbers are the product of him playing almost every down, even in blowout losses and the Cats almost never running.

Giguere had another good game, with the most receiving yards, with four catches for 85 yards. Ellingson also had another good game, with five catches for 76 yards; he is fashioning a rookie of the year stats. Gable had three catches for 72 yards and ten rushes for 75 yards for a good combined total. Fantuz had four catches for only 29 yards, but is an upgrade on Stala and requires more coverage. Plus he didn't reinjure himself.

Linebacker Simoni Lawrence led the team with 6 tackles. The Cats' defence had two sacks, two picks and a fumble recovery for a relatively productive evening.

The Cats are now close to 500 and have their offense rolling with the defence improving (although Winnipeg and their rotating quarterbacks aren't a great test). Given Winnipeg's and Montreal's struggles, the Cats have a great shot at at least second place in the East.

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M@ said...

It should be mentioned that Rico Murray had a hell of a game too, with 6 tackles, a sack, and a pick.