Monday, July 18, 2011

Bombers Quarterback Woes, Trafalis an Answer?

With Winnipeg quarterback Buck Pierce injured yet again and backup Joey Elliot out for the year with a torn ACL making a tackle after an interception*, the Bombers are somewhat pooched in the quarterback department. This article goes over the problem and mentions the next three quarterbacks on the depth chart, Alex Brink, Justin Goltz and Brandon Summers. The Bombers picking up former Ticat third stringer Adam Trafalis wouldn't be a bad idea. Trafalis at least has been around the CFL for a while now. Sure the Ticats picked Jason Boltus as their third string quarterback over Trafalis this year, but with an excellent defence, you might be able to win some games with someone who's been in the league longer than training camp, with the added bonus of making Matt Dunnigan happy. With the way Bomber quarterbacks are dropping, they could soon be playing raw rookie fourth and fifth stringers. Hopefully against the Ticats.

* If you can't make one tackle on a defensive back without totally blowing out your knee, maybe professional football isn't for you.

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