Friday, July 22, 2011

Ticat Attendance Through First Two Home Games, 2011 versus 2010, Down Slightly

For the first two games in 2011, the attendance was 23,852 and 22245, for an average of 23048. For 2010 the attendance was 25,248 and 21,408 for an average of 23,328. That's a decrease of 1.2% year over year. Not much of a difference.

If the Cats had a better record going into the second game the attendance might have been somewhat higher. One problem for the Cats is that the Rider game is traditionally well attended and the 22,245 last week was not a good number for a Saskatchewan game.

The battles over the location of the new stadium is likely having a depressive effect on attendance. A lot of people were angry over how it played out and it could take a couple of years (less if the Cats were to win the Grey Cup) for that ill will to subside.

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