Saturday, July 9, 2011

Ticats at Eskimos, Lineup Run Through

Again, I can't watch the game, but obviously hope the Ticats don't open the season 0 and 2. I've seen how that plays out and it isn't pretty. Especially with the Winnipeg "the Real Deal" Blue Bombers going 2 and 0. I'm going to keep calling them "the Real Deal" until they lose.

The offensive line is the same as last week, imports at tackle, Simmons and Jimenez, non-imports at guard, Dyakowski and Rottier and also at centre with Hage. Hopefully he gets the snap count right this week.

One change at receiver, import Chris Williams is in after the other new guy got injured. Is Marquay McDaniel even still on the team or injured? I have no clue and I'm leaving that as an exercise to the reader. Import Bruce is the other receiver. Hopefully he catches more than two passes this week and doesn't get any stupid penalties. Mann and non-import Stala are back as the slots.

Glenn is back at quarterback, with Cobourne as the running back and Darcy Brown as the fullback. That's five Canadian starters on offense.

The defensive line is the same as last week, Baggs and Hickman at end, and Smith and non-import Steele plugging the middle.

Linebackers are again the same. Knowlton, Williams and Johnson.

Corners again are non-import Hinds and Young. Dennis and Thomas are the half-backs and Shivers is the safety. Two Canadians on defence.

Medlock punts and kicks.

For Edmonton on the offensive line, Coston an import is the left tackle and non-import Wojt is the right tackle, differing from the Cats dual import scheme. Kabongo and Mac grad Koch are the guards and Fiacconni is the centre.

Henry and non-import Nowacki are the wide receivers, with Stamps and Bowman the slots. Porter (who?) is the running back with non-import Betrand as the fullback. That's six Canadians on offense.

On defence the Eskimos are listed as using a 3-4 scheme. Peach and Sykes are the ends, with former Argo draft pick Legare as the nose tackle (I'm too lazy to put in the accents).

Munoz and Hill are the outside linebackers (I think). Davis and Sherritt are in the middle.

Williams and Bradley are the two corners. Brown and former Ticat Thompson are the defensive halfbacks. Alexander is the non-import safety. That's two Canadian starters on defence and eight total, one more than the minimum.

Import and former Alouette Duval punts and kicks.

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