Tuesday, July 19, 2011

CFL Rankings Week 4

1. Montreal
How many weeks was Montreal ranked number one last year. A fuck load. How many times will they be ranked number one this year. A fuck load. Playing an excretable 0 and 3 Saskatchewan at home this week, number one next week too.
2. Edmonton
I'm not sure what's happened, or if it will continue, but the Eskimos are a good team for now.
3. Calgary
The Stampeders don't seem like a great team this year, but in the land of the castrated, the one balled man is king. Plus they beat Winnipeg in a close one on the road.
4. Hamilton
This seems like a bit of a home pick, but presently the Bombers have a great defence and are on their third string quarterback going into game four. The Cat defence is good, plus the Ticats have actually scored more points than they have allowed despite a losing record. Kevin Glenn is effectively a one balled man compared to some of the quarterbacks starting this week.
5. Winnipeg
Awesome defence, no quarterback. Against half of the teams in the CFL, that's enough.
6. Toronto
Has won a game, has a credible defence. Starting Cleo "the Party" Lemon.
7. BC
Not Saskatchewn. Has built in advantage against EST teams.
8. Saskatchewan
Lose a bunch of good Canadian receivers and the wheels come off. Defence also now mediocre.

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