Thursday, July 28, 2011

CFL Predictions 2011, Week 5

BC at Winnipeg
Last I checked, Winnipeg is favoured by 2.5 at home which is frankly bizarre. Winnipeg is 3 and 1, BC is 0 and 4 and CFL teams have a massive advantage at home. I even made a post analyzing it. Favouring the Bombers by only 2.5 at home is basically saying on a neutral field, the game would be a tossup. The Riders managed to win last week, but you have to pick the Bombers based on just defence, who will be motivated by the death of their defensive lin coach. As far as I know, the Glassman, Buck Pierce is playing, so I'm not sure what the low spread is based on. Bombers by more than the spread.
Mosquito People 25, Riot People 17

Montreal at Hamilton
The Alouettes are on the road and favoured by 3.5 points. Quarterback Anthony Calvillo is apparently over his blurry eye problem (or is he?) and looked decidely mediocre last week against the Riders. The Cats have won two straight and the Alouettes have lost one. The Cats in recent years have been good at venerable Ivor Wynne and the Alouettes relatively good on the road. I'm really tempted to pick Montreal to win by less than the spread. Instead, I'll be a bit of a homer (both in a sense of being a Ticat fan and also knowing home teams have a big advantage) and pick Hamilton by a rouge.
Ticats 29, Bird People 28

Toronto at Edmonton
The Argos seem to rarely play at home these days. No Lemon Party this week, as Cleo Lemon is injured, so Dalton Bell has the reins (I wonder who is the third string QB this week?). Edmonton is 4 and 0 and at home and favoured by 8.5. Pretty easy.
Frigid People 35 Suck People 21

Calgary at Saskatchewan
This is tough. The Riders are at home, which has to count for something. Calgary is only 2 and 2 and favoured by 2.5, but haven't really impressed me, offensively or defensively. Burris looks tired and old and inaccurate. The Riders apart from last week have sucked utterly. If Sasky goes down early, they're done. My heart says the Riders, but my brain says Calgary. I'll go with the Stamps.
Oil People 25, Combine People 24

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