Saturday, July 16, 2011

Ticat Game Day, Battle of the 0 and 2 Teams

One change on the offensive line this week for the Ticats, import Johnson is in for Simmons at left tackle, with import Jimenez in at right tackle as usual. The rest stays the same, non-imports Dyakowski and Rottier at guard and Hage at centre. I don't think the line has been the problem in the first two games, but they haven't been fantastic either.

Import Chris Williams is at one wideout spot, with non-import Carter at the other. Mann and non-import Stala are listed as the slots. Bakari Grant and Marquay McDaniel are listed as backups, so expect to see them in five receiver sets. Glenn still starts at quarterback, Cobourne at running back and non-import fullback Darcy Brown plays in the situations when the Cats aren't using five or six receivers. So that's six starting imports on offense.

Saskatchewan hasn't put up their line up yet on their website, which seems a bit strange.

The game is live on the NFL Network.
The front defensive seven is the same. Baggs and Hickman as the defensive ends and Smith and non-import Steele inside. Knowlton, Williams and Johnson as the linebackers.

Non-import Hinds and Young are the corners, with Dennis and Smith as the defensive halfbacks. Shivers is the safety. That's two defensive starters for eight total, one above the minimum.

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