Monday, July 25, 2011

CFLPower Rankings, Week 5, 2011

1. Edmonton
Nobody is more shocked than me. Difficult to argue that Fred Stamps is the best receiver in the CFL. Good defence too. I'm not sure how long it will last, but the Eskimos could end up with a ridiculous improvement in win total year over year.

2. Montreal
Too early to jump off the band wagon after a single loss, albeit one at home. I'm sort of assuming that Anthony Calvillo will be able to play this week. The Alouettes were not terrible with McPherson in at quarterback and made the game against the Riders close at the end.

What's up with the Alouettes not selling out their stadium? I can understand the opening being on that weird Moving Day (aka Canada Day) and not selling out, but a 3 and 0 team. Weird. At least that adds more data points for my best road drawing team post.

3. Winnipeg
Tempting to put them ahead of Montreal, but the Bombers aren't quite there yet. Impressive defence will keep them in games, especially in this year of mediocre CFL quarterbacks.

4. Hamilton
Winning on the road in BC is never easy for an EST team. Offense looked good in the first half, and the defence looked good at the end shutting down Travis Lulay. Good depth at import receiver and fabulous linebackers. The question remains whether they can beat a team with a winning record. You can't play winless teams every week.

5. Calgary
Looked smelly at home against the Eskimos. Henry Burris is not looking like his usual form. Defence also mediocre. Fortunately for the Stampeders, there's worse teams in the CFL.

6. Saskatchewan
Win a game on the road and suddenly you're no longer the worse team in the CFL. Not a great team by any means, but at least Durant seems like he's a quarterback again and there's receiving production from Dressler and Getzlaf.

7. Toronto
Cleo Lemon left the last game early due to tooth problems and the Argos haven't won since the first game of the season. A good defence means they probably won't descend into total suckitude, but it isn't looking good for matching their 9 and 9 record of 2010.

8. BC
Still winless and lost at home last game. Not a good combination. Buono should have switched to general manager only a while ago, if only to have someone to blame and fire. If the Lions keep honking, Buono really has to go totally. Also to those whose power rankings last week had BC significantly higher, you're idiots.

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