Sunday, July 3, 2011

Looking at the Winnipeg Hamilton Game Statwise

I didn't get to see the game live due to being out of the country and I've only watched the first quarter overall of the Ticats home opener, but I thought I might comment anyways.

Glenn's performance was pretty poor overall, 18 for 31, for 187 yards, with one TD. The three picks were the problem. Interestingly, Buck Pierce had a terrible game looking at the stats.12 for 26 for 151 yards? That's Cleo Lemon territory right there. Pierce did have one TD matching his one interception toss. Frankly having those stats and winning the game is a minor miracle.

Mann had an awesome day with 9 catches for 120 yards. Mann was moved to the middle this season and obviously likes it. Every other receiver had a mediocre day. Bruce and Stala only catching two balls apiece isn't very good. Cobourne had a decent day, 75 yards on 15 runs, plus 36 yards receiving on five receptions. Medlock was three for three on field goals, so you can't complain about that.

On defence the Cats had five sacks total. People say sacks aren't a good stat, but five means you're doing something right. Linebacker Jamal Johnson had the best game with seven tackles and two sacks.

So basically it came down to Glenn's interceptions and not being quite good enough on offense with regards to red zone performance. If the Cats can't beat Winnipeg at home, I don't see how well they can do against the likes of Montreal.

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