Tuesday, July 12, 2011

What's the Deal with Marquay McDaniel?

McDaniel hasn't played during the first two games and currently is listed on the one game injured list. McDaniel had close to 1000 yards receiving last year. He played in the second pre-season game and caught four passes for 48 yards and a TD, second most on the team. In last year's playoff game, he caught six passes for 85 yards, although he lost a fumble.

Considering the suck of the Ticat receivers this year apart from Mo Mann, what's going on with McDaniel? Is he really injured? Are the coaches still mad about the fumble in last year's playoff game? Do the new receivers playing in place of McDaniel have incriminating photos of Marcel Bellefeuille and Bob O'Billovich?

In a recent Scratching Post entry, Drew Edwards reports that "M. McDaniel filled in at wide receiver for Bruce and Belton Johnson was in at left tackle for Brian Simmons." So will McDaniel play on Saturday? McDaniel has never been my favourite receiver, but is an excellent option when Bruce has a couple of guys on him.

Afeter looking up the stats for last year's playoff game, I checked how former non-import receiver Chris Bauman is doing this year in Edmonton. Apparently he's injured (although in the CFL, if you're not on the nine game list, who knows if you're really injured) and hasn't caught a pass.

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