Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Ticat Justin Medlock Wins CFL Special Teams Player of the Week

Ticats kicker and punter Justin Medlock won the CFL's special team's player of the week after the Cats 33 to 3 victory over the Saskatchewan Roughriders, going four for four on field goals. Bye bye Sandro DeAngelis, go finish renovating your house.

Former non-import defensive tackle, Jermaine Reid won the best Canadian award with four tackles and a sack. I guess the Cats thought that Eddie Steele could fill the roll of starting non-import defensive tackle for a lot cheaper and so far he has.

Winning by 30 points and only giving up 3 could often warrant two awards, but not this week. Are the Ticats historically underrepresented in the CFL Player of the Week awards? Something worth analyzing.

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