Tuesday, July 12, 2011

CFL Rankings Week 3

1. Montreal
Pretty hard to argue against Montreal being the top ranked team.
2. Edmonton
I'll pick the Eskimos over the Bombers, just because they have a more durable quarterback. Buck Pierce could explode at any time.
3. Winnipeg
Their offense is anemic, but early on a tough defence can do wonders. I don't know if they will be here a the end of the season, but I didn't think the Argos would finish at 500 last year either.
4. Toronto
Normally I would have put Calgary ahead of the Argos, but the Argos beat them on the road on week 1. Henry Burris is getting a bit long in the tooth and the Stampeder offensive line hasn't been great so far. Cleo "the Party" Lemon is still mediocre.
5. Calgary
See above.
6. Hamilton
This might be a bit of a homer's pick, but one of the three 0 and 2 teams has to be ranked highest. Bruce has to break out some time. Hopefully.
7. Saskatchewan
Not having Canadian receivers Fantuz and Bagg available this year has to be hurting the RIders ratio wise. Maybe Durant isn't the third best player in the CFL.
8. BC
I don't think BC will necessarily end up as the team with the worst record in the CFL, but they haven't looked great so far. Probably not going to playing in Vancouver for the Grey Cup.

I caught the first episode of the inside the Argos show, the Extra Yard. I kept wondering if the narrator was the old guy from the Labatt's Blue commericals. I also wondered how many cigarettes do you have to smoke to sound like that guy. Also I was surprised to see that Cleo Lemon is actually kind of cocky, which surprised me, considering he's Cleo Lemon. The show was actually somewhat compelling and it was tough watching players being released.

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