Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CFL Power Rankings Week 3

So I missed last week's power rankings. It happens.

1. Saskatchewan
Can't go against the only undefeated team in the league. It pains me to say it, but Durrant may be the best quarterback in the league.

2. Montreal
Still have it going on, including a rare win last week on the road in Vancouver. This week's game against the Ticats should be illuminating.

3. Calgary
Probably don't really belong here, but they do have two wins.

4. Toronto
Wow top half of the rankings. Wouldn't have expected that at the beginning of the year. If I had more balls, I would probably have them above Calgary. Lemon is pretty mediocre though.

5. Hamilton
They played excellently last week, but the next two weeks are not friendly at all. The top two teams on the road. The Cats should have gotten wins when it was easy.

6. BC
Printers is starting to play like in his era in Hamilton. Not a good sign for the Lions.

7. Winnipeg
Crappy and maybe worse with Buck "the human concussion" Pierce out for a spell.

8. Edmonton
Sure they've been in some close games, but you can't argue against 0 and 3. They're stuck at the bottom of the ratings until they win a game.

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