Sunday, July 18, 2010

Ticats versus Bombers, Stat Rundown; Beer Prices

Hamilton managed to show that it was capable of playing a good game winning 28 to 7 and Winnipeg ended up playing like many thought they would this season. Plus Buck Pierce managed to make it to the third game of the season before being injured. All is right with the universe.

Glenn had an awesome game. 29 for 36 for 336 yards with three TDs and no interceptions. Usually with those stats one would expect even more offensive points, however one thing that does stand out is the average yards per completion, 11.6. That's actually pretty mediocre, but it is first down yardage. Which brings me to anothe point. Is it just me or do the Cats the past five years have terrible YAC numbers (yards after the catch)? Obviously with Bruce here now, who gets YAC yards, things have probably improved but historically the Cats haven't been great at it.

Buck Pierce before he was injured was 10 for 19 with 117 yards and a pick. No rushes either which was a vast improvement for the Cat defence from week one against Winnipeg. Jyles in relief was actually better, going 9 for 13 for 95 yards.

Cobb had an OK game with 53 yards on 11 carries and a TD, plus a two yard reception for a TD. Thigpen had four rushes for 18 yards. Reid had a good game for the Bombers in terms of rushing average with 8 carries for 84 yards. The Bombers were behind most of the game though.

Dave Stala didn't do much in the second half, but the overall total was impressive, leading all receivers with nine catches for 124 yards. Mann had a decent game with four catches for 54 yards and 2 TDs. Edwards had seven catches for the Bombers for 99 yards.

Deangelis missed two field goals and never even got a single out of it for his efforts. Ugly.

Johnson led the Ticat tacklers with five tackles. Otis Floyd had the only sack for the Cats. Kent, Stewart, Charlton and Glover all had six tackles to lead the Bombers.

Certainly a dominating game at home for Hamilton. Whether they can grab a win on the road in either Montreal or Saskatchewan is still an open question, but the probability of that happening has gone up after this game.

Also I just wanted to note beer prices for home games at Ivor Wynne are $8.50, which is the same price as last year I believe (Carling and Coors light tall boys). I'm not completely sure about that, but at least next year I can check this post for comparison. I wouldn't mind making a comparison post about beer prices across the league, but the only other stadium I'm likely to go to is the Rogers Centre.

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