Saturday, July 31, 2010

CFL Predictions, Week 5, Part B

Hamilton at Saskatchewan,
Both teams are coming in with one game losing streaks, although obviously Saskatchewan is heavily favoured, by 7.5 points. Saskatchewan has performed perhaps a little better than expected considering the losses on defence they suffered over the off-season. The Ticats? Sucking more than one would think. The Cats have a chance if they can get ahead early. They still might lose, but they have a chance. Fall behind early and it is over faster than Bob Young and Scott Mitchell can come up with lame reasons why the East Mountain is a good site for a stadium. I'm picking the Riders to win AND cover. No sentimentality here.
Riders 37, Ticats 19

Bombers at Stamps,
Calgary favoured by 6.5 at home and the Bombers are starting Jyles because shockingly Buck Pierce is injured. I can't say I think a lot about the Bombers as a team, but Calgary this year after four weeks has turned out to not be too bad. If this were in Winnipeg I would be tempted to call for an upset, but it isn't. Calgary, not covering.
Stampeders 28, Winnipeg 22

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