Thursday, July 22, 2010

Ticats Game Day, Alouettes Edition

On the Cats offensive line, no changes from last week, all non-imports. Gauthier and Rottier the tackles, Dyakowski and Hudson the guards and Hage the centre. This week Mann and Bruce are listed as the starting wide receivers. McDaniel and non-import Stala are listed as the slots. Bauman is listed as backing up Stala. How much of the field will he see this week? Cobb is listed as the starting running back and Brown as the non-import fullback, but considering the use last week of Thigpen and Cobb together in the backfield, Brown will probably only be out for short yardage and tight end plays. Technically that's seven non-import starters on offense, but I assume most of the time it will just be the line plus Stala.

Glenn the quarterback, Deangelis kicking and Palardy punting.

The defensive line is Hickman and Long as the ends, with Bolden and McIntyre as the tackles.

Linebackers same as ever, Knowlton, Floyd and Johnson.

Heward is in at one corner with Tisdale at the other. Dennis and Shivers are the defensive backs with safety Sandy Beveridge as the lone non-import starter on defence.

For Montreal, their offensive line is all Canadian, Bourke and Perrett as the tackles, with Brodeur-Jourdain and Flory as the guards and Lambert as the centre taking over from the departed Bryan Chiu.

Bratton and Watkins are the starting wide receivers, with Richardson and non-import geezer Cahoon as the slots. Calvillo starts, Cobourne the starting running back and Carter as the non-import fullback. That's seven non-import starters on offence for the Alouettes.

The defensive ends are Bowman and Stewart. Wilson and McElveen are the tackles.

Ferry, non-import Emry and Cox are the starting linebackers. Dix and Estelle are the corners, Parker and Brown are the defensive backs. Boulay is the non-import starting safety. So that's two Canadians on defence and nine starters overall.

Duval punts and kicks.

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