Saturday, July 31, 2010

Ticat Game Day: Riders Edition

So finally some changes around the lair. Gauthier stays at left tackle, but import Belton is for Rottier at right tackle. He has some experience with the Riders, although he was cut after training camp. Should be interesting to see what happens on his side, both for pass protection and running plays. Rottier takes over for Hudson at right guard. Hadn't really heard much negative about Hudson's play, but he is getting older and we have been poor on certain short yardage plays. Dyakowski again at left tackle and Hage still at centre.

No more Drisan James to kick around anymore. I'll miss those dropped balls that kill drives. Mann and Bruce are listed as the wideouts. McDaniel and non-import Stala are the slotbacks. I'm guessing non-import Bauman comes in as the fifth receiver when the non-import fullback goes out.

Glenn starts, as does Cobb at running back and non-import Brown at fullback, when they actually have one. So pretty much six Canadian starters, whether the fullback is in or not.

On defence, not much is different. The line is the same, Hickman and Long at the ends, McIntyre and Bolden in the interior.

Knowlton, Floyd and Johnson as the starting linebackers, as has been the case all season.

Heward and Tisdale are the starting corners. Dennis (who?)and Shivers are the halfbacks and since Beveridge resigned to slurp at the trough known as the Hamilton fire department, Barker gets his chance as the only non-import on defence.

So the Cats are back down to seven Canadian starters. That was probably inevitable, considering their record, but generally not the sign of a good team.

For the Riders on the offensive line, Makowsky and former Cat and import Goodspeed are the tackles. Best and Parenteau are the guards and O'Day is the centre.

Former Cat Rodriguez and non-import Bagg are the starting receivers. Dressler and non-import Fantuz are the starting slots. I assume non-import Getzlaf comes on for five receiver packages.

Durrant starts at quarterback, with Cates the running back and non-import Szarka the fullback. That's seven Canadian starters on offence, which is impressive.

For the reconstituted defensive line, the ends are Hawkins and the non-import Mullinder. The tackles are Adams and the non-import Shologan.

The linebackers are Lucas, Barrin Simpson and former Cat Kornegay.

The corners are the non-import Alexander and Omar (coming!) Morgan. The halfbacks are Frazer and McKenzie and the starting safety is Patrick.

So that's three Canadian starters on defence, for a total of ten overall. That's impressive. Something the Cats tried to do earlier in the season, but have now reverted to their old ways.

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