Thursday, July 29, 2010

CFL Power Rankings: Week 4

1. Saskatchewan
Some are getting off the train after a loss, but I still think they are the best so far.

2. Montreal
The Alouettes should face somewhat of a test against the Argos this week, but the Alouettes know how to win, even when they play a mediocre game like last week.

3. Calgary
Probably the main reason the Stamps are at number three rather than higher is the fact they barely beat the Ticats. More proof is needed for a higher assessment.

4. Toronto
Number four with a three and one record? Strange, but this is definitely an odd Argos team. Defence and special teams can get a team a decent ways, but top of the power rankings is difficult.

5. Winnipeg
A five hundred team that won with their backup quarterback last week. I doubt it lasts, but enjoy it Bomber fans.

6. Hamilton
Poor results so far, but stat wise on offense they aren't terrible. That's pretty much it.

7. BC
Sucky record and Casey Printers causing problems. Sounds familiar.

8. Edmonton
Is Richie Hall the problem? Probably not. Is Danny Maccocia? Yes. He should be canned.

Here's an article from the Post about Spec scribe Drew Edwards problems with early reporting of the Ticat lineup. Seems a bit Orwellian, but teams should just accept that other teams will know who got the majority of snaps at practice.

This whole Rob Murphy thing with Twitter is a bit silly, but I'm filing it under most publicity is good publicity for the CFL. Better the national media is writing about you than ignoring you and if it helps develop the Alouette Argonaut rivarly, tres bien.

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